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Sello discográfico de Lima, Perú, orientado a la producción y difusión de música realizada por cantautores indie folk acoustic & más.

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Track Name: The Cascabel - At the end
Feelings buried on my head
to keep myself so far away

now i'll never be the same
there's nothing new I have not heard
tell me that I never feel so fine

no more heroes for today
I feel I couldn't understand
everybody wants to stay
until the bottom at the end

enough tears in sunday call
never nothing new to show
tell me that I never feel so fine

no more heroes for today
I feel I couldnt understand
no more heroes till today
take my heart and get away
Track Name: Como Siempre - A song for our yellow birds
I don´t care about a scene, i care about the heart that grew in us. If you love me let me know, i´m sure i´d let you go if it´s your time. It will be ok enough. Like we are Conor´s yellow birds i´m sure we can fly away and try not to forget each other. And if everything goes wrong and your simpathy just drowns, i´ll seek the shore. I will seek the shore for us. Wake up tomorrow, i will be there. Like in Conor´s yellow birds i´m sure we can fly away.
Track Name: Nick Empey - From the roof
I don't think i'll sleep tonight
but maybe that's ok
the stars are too bright in this room to sleep here anyway
the radio keeps playing all the songs we used to play
the memory of your heart-felt reasons will never fade away

with good intentions i ask you,
"even though we're parted will this place still be ours?
here outside the window where we sat and watched the stars?"

even the air stood still and no breeze moved the trees
only we moved into summer air as you sat and looked at me
"just a few moments more!"
and so much like the same
so much more was coming then, and neither was to blame

with good intentions...
we sealed words we started and they will never scar
like the curtain we both pulled to show just who we are

i don't think i'll sleep tonight, goodbyes never seem quite right
when we think of all we've done, we've waited for so long
now that it's come to this we'll always know and remember
all you hoped for, all you dreaded, we both said it clear.

(take a stand, be the best that we can, with snack foods in our hands, just know that i miss you it's clear)
Track Name: Willpower - Seattle
I'll keep climbing the fences and crossing the line, until i don't even flinch through 'no trespassing' signs. sitting under this bridge we wait for the stars to align and take us on a ride. down the tracks, to where we gotta go, because seattle feels so distant from home, i feel so far away, but rightfully so. because for every mile we've travelled, we've got another mile to go. i'm afraid that i'll wait here for days, if you cannot pull me away, because i believe in paying your dues and i have yet to pay. besides that cold sleepless night down in utah, i have yet to pay. besides all that snow in nevada i have yet to pay. besides standing on the side of the highway for hours in the cold, cold rain, i have yet to pay.
Track Name: Ignacio Castillo - La Pérdida
Cuando las paredes no respondan
cuando el viento no vuele a tu pelo
y si yo no salgo de mi pieza
alguna vez pense en despertarte
no lo haré

cuando el reflejo no aparezca
cuando el viento no vuele a tu pelo
y si yo no salgo de mi pieza
alguna vez pense en despertarte
no lo haré
Track Name: Gab de la Vega - Death on the shelf
A plastic package on the shelf
a piece of meat on your plate
just a product to consume
a life you take, stolen to become food

your food had eyes to see the world
your food felt the pain as you do
your food loved its cubs as you love your darlings

you turn your eyes away from here
as I show you the tragedy of your faults

this massacre is not necessary

you say it's unfair that some people starve
complain about the third world but
it's easy to complain with your mouth full of death

stop and think about this – stop and think about this

so try to understand and not to judge
veganism is the key that brings a change

an equal world for everybody

I see no reason why you claim yourself
above the other passengers of the long trip
on this planet, you don't have the right

to kill and eat to keep in cage, to separate a mother
and her son to spill their blood and to give pain and torture
breeding lives to kill again and eat the dead exploiting just to satisfy
a need you could actually satisfy in many other ways without taking
a single life away from anybody, try to understand
that you can bring a change for them, for you for the hungry,
for the whole world.

a new world.
Track Name: La Gran Nada - Aún
Quizas si tuve el tiempo pero no pude esperar
y hacer todo de nuevo para no volverme a equivocar

Aun hay sobre de mi este cielo gris
que suele borrar lo pasos que di.

Siento que estoy muy lejos para acercarme e intentar
que estos buenos deseos sean mas que culpabilidad

Aun hay en mi esa risa hostil
que va a destruir lo que acabe... de decir